@Kerm: I recently found some VERY nice books on embedded design that I'm going to buy this weekend; you should have a look:

Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
Designing Embedded Hardware
Programming Embedded Systems in C and C ++

Oh, and this might be helpful to you:uClinux

I'm currently learning C, but you can only go so far with online tutorials...
Hey, cool! I'll check those out.
Very Happy I just found a place to download all those books! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy So happy...(since Barnes and Nobles didn't have them in stock...)
*cough* Google Books *cough* Very Happy
KermMartian wrote:

"finished draft" <- talk about an oxymoron Laughing

Looking good tho Good Idea
Draft because it was draft quality rendering, not a rough draft. Smile
now you gotta finish texturing it Very Happy
...Confused I did...
you're leaving the case itself a bland-looking off-white?
It's grey plastic. IF you want to make me a texture, be my guest. Smile
i was more thinking make it a slick looking shiny black Very Happy
Fine, that would be cool, gimme a texture! Smile
erm...i don't have one. In 3d studio max, you'd just set the color to black and mess with the properties till its shiny.....
*sigh* ok, ok.
Or you could try making a glass effect; those are cool Very Happy Or metallic...
I can do both of those. However, I'm going to make a roughish black matte outer shell, I'm rendering the vid right now.
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
Or you could try making a glass effect; those are cool Very Happy Or metallic...

yeah, thats the stuff i meant, just make it BLACK
OK, done, lemme upload them.
I like the look, but I cant watch the whole thing till tomorrow (*cough*dial up sucks*cough*
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