i think its filezilla or fireftp
Use iFTP!!
i use smartftp
Wazzat? Y'know, we should really decide this ftp once and for all one day...
its a good free 1 that has sum good features its on cnet
iFTP is good to, it's got a nice gui, and it can remember multiple accounts.
Heh, I seem to have fixed Dreamweaver. Now to figure out how to use MySQL and PHP using poorly-written Web tutorials Rolling Eyes
ya smartftp has multiple accounts and comes with lots of favorites, like microsoft ftp and more
Hmm, interesting. Does the Firefox FTP extension do those too?
umm idk, never really used it more than once, it was rather slo
Yeah, I was afraid of that.
i use CuteFTP - its amazing. Very fast, very feature rich, and is great to work with. I love it
Does it do multiple accounts? Is it free?
KermMartian wrote:
Does it do multiple accounts? Is it free?

yes (it will even do server-to-server transfers Wink ) - no (30 day trial, then like $30 or something - but obviously there are ways around that....not that i'm suggesting you should do anything illegal or nothing)
Bah, $30. Sad Sounds cool though.
smartftp is always free after like thirty days it asks u to buy it, but says u are allowed to keep usin it
Ah, like shareware. Got it. That's not the end of the world. I think I'll stick with iFtp, though, thanks. Smile
nothing beats FTP folder mounts in linux! wee! no proggie needed, just treat it like a normal folder, its soooo cool
Yeah, windows kinda has that, but it's a tad sucky.
i used to do that when i had home it sucked, but it seemed like after i upgraded to pro its was much faster
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