Terok Nor was a Cardassian ore processing center used during their occupation of Bajor, which was later refitted into the Federation outpost known as Deep Space 9. Currently situated at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole, Deep Space 9 is an important center of commerce for both the Alpha and Gamma quadrants of our Milky Way Galaxy, regulating transit and trade through the wormhole to and from both sides. It is also our first and only line of defense, should a dominion fleet decide to invade...

Don't ask why there's clouds above the station. It was not my server.

It's not quite finished, and I might re-do the docking pylons and add some ships before it's finished.
Awesome build. Do you have an interior?
Not yet, but that is my plan down the road.
Looks great! I second the hope that this might find its way into a Freebuild map eventually. Smile
Oh totally. I actually have a really cool skybox I made from a panoramic night sky image which I totally intend to use for a blank space map in Freebuild, and already have working on my Orbital Insertion map. I might even backport it to ToB for the time being.

Looking awesome =D
Next I plan to add the Defiant. I might also re-color the station, as it's a good bit grayer than that in the show...
It would be awesome if this could be played in game like http://artemis.eochu.com/
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