Ok so now that we have GCC all set I've been working on getting libfxcg in working order.

At the moment we have all of the known syscalls and a rand/srand implementation. In the future I hope to expand it to include much more and in its current form it is easy to add routines and functions as needed.

The current source can be found at https://github.com/Jonimoose/libfxcg/ and the latest build can be found at http://jonimoose.net/calcstuff/prizm/libfxcg.a which should always be the latest version. Any header updates can be gotten from from the github though the ones in the SDK should have most of the functions.

If there are any functions you need or if you have a suggestion for the header oginization as well as any other contributions or suggestions please post them in this thread. Suggested functions should include source or at least a link to an example impelementation.
Well, I'd certainly like to have PRGM_getkey from Simon's SDK as well. Would it be appropriate to put Useful Prizm Routines into this library, or is that not really the point?
As long as they are ones that almost anyone would use. Things like line drawing routines could maybe be included in the sourcetree and a separate library such as a libfxcgui or similar but I want to keep libfxcg itself limited to simple routines and syscalls that are of use to all Prizm coders Such as the getkey and such. Though I'm not a fan of Simon's nameing scheme maybe we could work on comming up with somethng better in the near future.
I most very definitely second the idea of renaming; I don't like the naming scheme at all. That makes a lot of sense about putting graphics and GUI routines in a more appropriate package and keeping this for more general routines, although I'm not sure exactly what else would fall under that category.
I think UI stuff with be the main things that should be in a separate library. As for the renames if someone wants to go through and give me suggestions I can implement them right away and include defines for compatibility as needed in the headers.
Ok so I just commit the first of a series of commits leading to more mini-sdk compat. This first one is one I talked to shaun about and it adds many syscalls as well adding his name to color.h.

Before I can start adding simon's routines I think I may need his permission which may be hard seeing as he isn't online much but who knows. If I do I'll work on adding what I can as well as seeing about getting newlib up and running.
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