Okay so I downloaded StarCatcher and Blackjack and both of them are in .G3M format. What do I do with these? Sorry, I'm pretty sure that its a noob question.

I have a Casio fx-cg10 and Mac running OSX lion
To transfer the files over, just plug your Prizm into the computer via the USB cord that came with the device, and once it opens up the storage window, simply drag the files over. I believe .g3m files are Prizm BASIC files, so you just need to open the BASIC Icon in the Main Menu, and run them.
That didn't work. I see a Program icon(which I believe is the BASIC function) on the front screen, but when I click load all I get are the text file backups of stuff I've made.

EDIT: nevermind. I thought I had to load it. Works fine now.
Thanks, Ashbad. I'm glad to hear you got it working, Oweng; no question is too trivial or stupid when phrased with correct grammar and spelling, as you did.
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