patl411 wrote:
Kllrnohj wrote:
im gussin you didn't bother reading the page or so of discussions in this thread concerning the message behind it Rolling Eyes

maybe u havent read the post ppl have made, cuz I dont think any1 has talked about the message at all

did you actually read the first page/any of my posts?

patl411 wrote:

elfprince13 wrote:
I most certainly Dad is a Tolkien scholar/Computer Science professor, and he also knows a lot about Lewis....of course the message is even more overt in Lewis' space trilogy

TOLKIEN SCHOLAR/SCIEINCE PROFFESSOR?!?!?! wtf does that have to do with it? its about christianity and the bible, not science or tolkien

please...please...please tell me you know who the Inklings were.....
well if u read the 1st part i was the FIRST person to mention the message. so u should really stop flaming me
I wasn't flaming, I was pointing out that you weren't the only one who had discussed the message

elfprince13 wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
elfprince13 wrote:
Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
Yes, I see it as mocking the Bible in a way. The symbol for God is "Deep Magic" - how laughably true!

actually's "The Emperor Over the Sea"

"Deep Magic" is the symbol for God's power....and btw C.S.Lewis was a Christian when he wrote it

Yeah, it's something of a parable.

IF you read the whole series in chronological order it starts with Genesis (The Magician's Nephew), the "crucifixion" (Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe), and Revelations (The Last Battle)

did you not see that whole series of posts?
that only 4 posts u realize that? and u said about me not reading the early posts, well im the 1 that brought up the message. and the shit about ur dad doesnt prove ANYTHING. maybe if u said he was a pastor it would, but not a tolkien scholar or science professor, unless u said professor at a bible college.
dude cool it...your the moderator here.....since my Dad has a book coming out this year on Lewis and Tolkien, and teaches classes every year on them and since Ive been reading them myself since Kindergarten, I think I know about the books.....and the message...if you didn't notice all the posts I quoted are about the message of the books, and were all before your post. Kerm, why don't you close this topic.

granted the computer science professor part has nothing to do with CS Lewis, I was just telling you what his job was....the Tolkien scholar part was the important do know who the Inklings were right? anyway I'll be glad to debate this with via Email or PM, although there isn't much to debate since we both know the message in the books is about Christianity....I also suggest you read those posts I quoted
Yes, before another flaming issue starts.
i suggest u shut up cuz i said most the ppl, not all and not u, y do all the ppl here try to fight all the posts on here?

BTW:The Inklings were literary enthusiasts who praised the value of narrative in fiction, and encouraged the writing of fantasy. Christian values are also notably reflected in their work, though there were atheists and Anthroposophists among the members of the discussion group. Contrary to what has been said about the Inklings, it was not an exclusive Christian club.

okay, patl411 and I made our peace, so he opened the topic back up....lets get back on topic
About time.
Is it just me, or was the ice scene a part of the book or was it just added for effect? I don't recall ever reading about that in the book.
Just saw this. TEH AWESOME. I was very impressed, esp with the visual effects. And yes, you're right about the added scene.
the whole chase scene from Beaverdam to the Stone Table is changed, but it didn't change the message, and made it better cinematically.
Exactly. I thought that overall they culled the scenes for the movie fairly well and didn't leave out anything / add anything too significant.
elfprince13 wrote:
the whole chase scene from Beaverdam to the Stone Table is changed, but it didn't change the message, and made it better cinematically.

That it did. The Table scene made it more interesting I think.
Aye, you mean the sacrifice scene? He didn't put that in the book?
Did he? I don't recall. But then, I haven't read it in about 4-5 years.
Yeah, same here.
I don't think so. IT might just not have gone into details about the actual sacrifice, which was what made the movie scene more noticeable.
Oh, that sounds about right. My caf was playing the movie today, which of course they got legally... Very Happy
As always. Cool
They had the same thing with Harry Potter IV. Very Happy
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