I'm on Firefox 8, in Ubuntu 11.04 (32 bit).
Seems to be a JS issue, try pressing F5 or hard refreshing your browser so it loads a new version of the JS file. Even flushing your browser cache should fix the issue.
What comic said, flush your cache, this happened to me when I used Fx, until I cleared my cache...
Refresh and it should fix itself Smile I've noticed that happen before, and iirc, it was when someone used unicode.
I'm sorry, figured out I forgot to enable javascript for Cemetech (got noscript).

Sorry for the unneeded topic :/
Haha, it's okay. We would have deduced that eventually Smile
Now you know how SAX compresses its initial data chunk from server to client! Smile Yup, that means that Javascript is disabled for you; I'm glad to see that you figured it out.
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