Lol, I bet you've never heard of Papa's Painter before.

That's cause, this is its first release.

I would post screenshots, but the screen receiver doesn't go pass the programs menu for some reason. It freezes after that, until I press AC/BREAK, which stops the program.

Here's the description and controls, taken from the readme file:

This is version 1.0 of Papa's Painter for the Casio Prizm.
It's version 1.0, because there can definitely be some improvements made.
This is the first release version, because it's basically, fully functional.
There's still plenty of room for improvement though.

Some possible future features:
-Saving pictures
-Paintbrush does not overwrite over pre-existing painted areas
-A menu in the beginning
-Credits page
-Controls/Info page
-Ability to browse through the different shapes
-Able to draw in more than 8 shapes
-If the shapes are currently bad to draw with, some better paintbrush shapes for drawing.


Press the buttons 1 to 9 to change the shape of your paintbrush.
1 is the eraser, use it to clear up spaces.

Only useable while in eraser mode. Clears the whole screen.

Use the buttons F1-F6 to change colors.
Not useable in eraser mode, cause, no point to it.

You'll only use this button to get pass the home screen.
Press it to continue, from the home screen.

Arrow Keys:
Use this to move around the paintbrush.

So basically, it's a paint tool... on the prizm... yay...
It can be found at:

This is pretty fun to mess around with. One suggestion, though, would be to keep the color when you switch shapes. So if you're drawing a blue star and you press, it stays blue but becomes the square.
TheCloak, as far as taking screenshots goes, the Casio Prizm Manager is a Prizm emulator of sorts that lets you take screenshots, but it unfortunately is only a 3-month trial program. Thanks for sharing this with us! I need to divide up the Prizm category in the archives into more subcategories before it gets too much more out of hand...
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