Hello everyone,

I started to enter data into my CelSheet app that I have on my CE. I then realized that it was in the wrong cell. So I tried to cut and paste(CelSheet doesn't do copy&paste, apparently) it to the cell beneath it, and it's been computing ever since. Which is about 10 minutes. Are there any tricks to force shutting the calc down, without pressing the reset button on the back? I don't want to lose all of my programs/apps, and I'm not sure if I put them all in a Group in the Archive.
Here's what I'm trying to paste, verbatim: "PLAIN CARBON STEEL"

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know where I can find a manual to CelSheet, so I can understand it better, or would anyone take the time to explain how to save a sheet properly? Thanks in advance.
First off, there are two types of "shut down"
First is the off button off, where the device still has power and can keep things in RAM but the LCD is off.
The other type is where the device is not powered. RAM requires constant power to hold memory, so the RAM is immediately reset. The reset button causes this type of shutdown.
When you say shutting the device down, you mean doing the first type and then returning to the home menu, but this requires closing the CelSheet app. Because the app is running in RAM, as far as I know the easiest (and probably the only feasible) way to stop it when the in-app method of closing it isn't working is to reset the RAM with the reset button or by removing the battery.
I would make totally sure that the operation couldn't be cancelled by Clear or On or Mode before resetting the RAM, to make sure you aren't wiping out your data for nothing.
Also, if the things were archived and unarchived (before the latest GarbageCollect), you could perhaps use one of MateoC's programs (I forgot which one) to get 'em back.
Undelete, maybe?
commandblockguy wrote:

Yes; thanks. I couldn't find the link. Good Idea
Good news: My calculator works again.

Bad News: I got a RAM reset.

More good news: I had everything in a group in the Archive, so I really didn't lose anything.
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