So, I'm working with a friend of mine of running a program that would have all that we'd need all in one program. We were wondering if it's possible to transfer the .8xp file that we have of it (or we made a .txt file and saved it as .8xk but ran into "One or more files was invalid" error.) to a .8xk file.

We are really trying to make it so that the programs that we create are not stored in RAM but stored in Flash Memory.

Any assistance is appreciated.
You can transfer the program from the calculator to the computer take your .8Xp, and use BasicBuilder to convert it into a FlashApp. I haven't used it myself, I just know it exists.
You can also archive your programs then run them within a shell such as Doors CS as an alternative.
These are the two best options, however, they both have downsides which you should be aware of:
    1) BasicBuilder will create an app, which will take an entire memory page. this means that if your basic program was say 2kb, the app it will create will be 16kb in size, which is a huge waste of space, but it is more professional and convenient to have your program as an app, so use it, but be aware.

    2) You need to have a shell and run the program from a shell. (I think Doors might allow you to run it from the homescreen though, which is nice)
    Also, if you have subprograms, then you're f***ed, cause you can't run an archived program within another pure basic program. If you want to do that, I recommend either get rid of those subprograms, or if you absolutely need them, there are asm opcodes that can come in handy, and I think the celtic III commands in DCS can be used to do it.

Personally, I'd choose BasicBuilder because it is easier for the end user, which only has to send a single file with no dependencies to his/her calculator, but its up to you.
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