the sega controller port is the same size as a serial port, is there any was to hook it up to the serial port on a comp and make it work?

I know you can hook a PS2 controller up via serial, and the XBox controller is just USB w/ a diff connector (even uses the same "standard" cable-colorings for USB - just replace the end with a USB connector, plug it into your PC, and download the drivers off the net)

The hardest part will be finding drivers for the controller. I would check to see if they exist first (google around). If you can't find em, then i doubt anyone has tried. In that case, you'll have to figure out the pin configurations, connect it to the seriel port, then write drivers for it
i have no clu how to write drivers or ne thing like that
patl411 wrote:
I have no clu how to write drivers or ne thing like that

then you better hope someone else on the net has, or you SOL Laughing (start googling Wink )
about the xbox thing, r u sayin that if i bought 1 of those replacement ends for the xbox and put a usb end on it it would work with the right drivers?
I've seen it done. A friend did buy like the extencion cord or something so this way he could still use it with an xbox or his comp, depending on the connector used
ima buy a replacement breakaway, $4.99 and cut it and use a usb cable i already have and make the adapter, i am also going to get a new 3.5" bay cover and drill a hole that is just the right size for the adapter so that the controller will plug right into the front of my comp. as soon as i get the adapter and find the usb cable ill make it and see if i can get sum pictures
Sounds cool, I can't imagine someone hasn't made this yet...
theres been quite a few that have, but not the mounting on the front of the comp part
Ohhh, ok, good originality then! Smile
wally-world doesnt carry the replacement breakaways Sad, atleast the one by me doesnt. i was hopin to get started sooner, now ima have to wait till the weekend Sad
you really don't NEED a replacement end, as the XBOX connector is literally just a different shaped USB plug....(unless, of course, you still want to use it with your XBOX Very Happy )

Just open up the controller, unsolder the connections, and soldier on connections for a USB cable (its the same wire-coloring)

or for the less daring, cut the cable in half and do the same as above (then you don't risk screwing up the PCB Laughing )
ya definately wanna still use the controller for the xbox, 4.99 for replacement breakaway is better than the wut, 29.99 for a new controller?
they also make XBOX 360 controllers for the PC....(not the wireless version tho, just the wired)
if u havent noticed... im goin for low cost...
oh, i noticed, i was just pointing that out Wink
Laughing I'm surprised no one called me in to this topic Very Happy You guys are sooooo lost...

Okay, as for the genesis controllers hooking up to your serial port, very bad idea; you will literally destroy your controller! Just because they fit doesn't mean that's a good thing....

What you need to do pat is download a copy of DirectPad Pro or NT Pad Pro from this site, view the schematics, and build the parallel port interface.

I've built several of these before, so if you need any help, just ask! Smile
imnnot doin ne thing with the sega controler... im doin the xbox controller now...
I figured you would drop in eventually, UltDev. Smile
same. I figure he would. It is our responsibility to check the forums we like to vistit
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