rivereye wrote:
same. I figure he would. It is our responsibility to check the forums we like to vistit

Yeah, I agree...why would I go and find UltDev? Oh well. Smile
well im lacking a breakaway... but i improvised... ill get sum pics when camera makes its way home...
K, look forward to it. What do you use it for, emu play?
ya... ill use it for nes.. snes... n64... sega... and ne others...and also games that have pc and console versions that r hard to use kb and mouse for...
imnnot doin ne thing with the sega controler... im doin the xbox controller now...

Sad You know, they also sell premodded controllers for all kinds of systems with USB already integrated into them...

As for the xbox controller, I have a link for you from one of my favorite modding sites: http://www.metku.net/index.html?sect=view&n=1&path=mods/xbox_cc/index_eng
i dont wanna soend much money at all... i already kno how to do it... im just lackin the breakaway cable... im not gonna cut 1 of the 1s we have... i made my own temporary adapter... it works... the communicator sorta works... the mic part but... not the earpiece....

EDIT: earpiece works now... Wink
Confused Doesn't the xbox live headset do basically the same thing as a regular pc headset? Or do you not have a regular pc headset?

Oh, and interesting hack for you to try (when you have more $$$):http://mesh.typepad.com/blog/2005/01/creating_a_usb_.html
i dont have a pc headset...that works... i use my cellphone 1 with the communicator...

i went to eb games... the guy asked if i was looking for anything in particular... i told him i needed a breakaway cable... he bent down behind the counter and then threw 1 to me and said i could have it... for FREE! yay... that makes the price for this mod $0.00... yay!!! it was a m$ brand 1 too... not madcatz.

ill get pics when camera gets back...

i already am planning for the other mod... Wink ima do it about the same...
I like freebies Very Happy The hardware store near me gives me free plexiglas whenever I shop there Very Happy
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