Its here, the X86 Macs.

Rather funny tho, after all these years of touting how much faster macs are to PCs, when the finally throw PC hardware into em, they claim its 4 times faster! (for the laptops - a 'mere' 2 times faster for the iMac Rolling Eyes )
notice they don't make any comparisons to the G5.....Im still an ardent PowerPC man
give it time. Pretty soon every apple will be shipping with intels...
okay, I just sort of changed my mind after reading around a bit...just wish they would make a 64 bit version.
bah, i just wish they'd make an AMD X2 version Very Happy (FX-60 anyone?)
Macs aren't really faster than PCs. They use speed at which Photoshop filters are applied as "benchmarking tests." Anyone who has actually benchmarked before knows this is a joke. There's a little thing called standards.
ok, then how do they compare to a PC?
rivereye wrote:
ok, then how do they compare to a PC?

look at the transition from PowerPC to intel's, and theres your answer (this eliminates OS differences)

wait for the G5 replacement, and see what apple claims in speed difference...
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