Just to let you know, I DID NOT CREATE THIS!
Here is a link to an audio player for the PRIZM if you haven't seen this already. I found it today. I enjoy it. I do.


It says for the CG20, but it works on the CG10 too.
I'm curious why this author hasn't come over here to speak with us; can someone poke him if you happen to see him around? I'm particularly curious is this is mono or stereo, and if it's stereo, how he managed to get bidirectional control of both lines. I believe AHelper has done similar audio work, but he didn't create something quite this advanced yet.
I am the author of the audio player for Casio Prizm. Thank you for inviting, so I registered here.
The current version of the player is very poor (see the source code).
Of course it is mono - I do not know how to write to RX pin Smile
As I explained on omnimaga, it has very poor quality (comparing to fxPlayer - my player for Casio 9860G). I will try to improve it.
MPoupe, welcome to Cemetech! Great work nonetheless; we can only take steps towards something advanced, so you've made great progress here. May I invite you to Introduce Yourself and to upload your audio player to the Cemetech archives? I'll try not to hijack this thread too much, but what other prizm projects do you have underway?
Welcome to Cemetech, MPoupe! That audio player sounds (pun intended) like a great thing indeed.

By the way, you're the author of FXTerm for the Prizm, right? Do you plan on completing it further or releasing the source code so other people can?
I'm not familiar with FXTerm either. Shock Sounds like that's another project of yours you should share with us here at Cemetech! Smile
It's just an awesome serial VT-100 terminal for the Prizm. I'm lucky enough to have a compatible serial<>3pin cable from my old Casio SF-9500 organizer.
The negative sides I found were: horrible "SELECTED/UNSELECTED" menu icon, doesn't support standard Linux terminal size, and as MPoupe says, doesn't support some control keys.
I updated the player, see http://ourl.ca/15297.new#new

gbl08ma: yes, my icons are terrible, but I am not graphic designer and I do not insist on icons for "proof of concept" programs. I plan to update fxTerm (menu with multiple font selection, COM parameters and probably also better icon:-) ) But I do not have so much free time I would like to have.
MPoupe, have you taken a look at the Prizm icon guidelines that we've managed to put together? Also, if you need some help designing and making icons, I'd be more than happy to assist. Glad to hear you updated the player; would you mind telling us what you added to it, and updating it in the archives? Also, on the complaints of several users, I changed your archive to a zip.
KermMartian, yes, I have seen icon manual on omnimaga (I think it is the same). But I really do not want to spend time to draw icons for proof of concept programs. I plan to update icon for fxTerm (after I finish it to some somehow complete phase).
BTW: is there some set of icons free to use (public domain or gnu-gpl) ?
What is wrong with rar archives ? Is there some rule disabling rar archives ? (just asking)

For the updated player, it is (again) proof of concept, see the post on omnimaga, archive is attached to that post.
Nothing is wrong with rar archives. However, (unfortunately) the vast majority of calculator programmers are Windows users, and thus get confused when they see rar archives, hence the convention of using zip archives for calculator community projects. There are some public domain icon sets, but you'd still have to put them into the icon format for your add-in. I understand your hesitation about icons, although personally I love making icons and logos for my projects.
RAR is a proprietary format which, from my personal experience, is not so much better than ZIP and is way worse in terms of compression when compared to gzipped/bzipped/7zipped tar.
The fact that its algorithm is closed leads to implementation problems on many platforms including on Linux - I've downloaded many RAR files which would not open with open-source software, forcing me to use WinRAR.
Plus, these open-source tools only have the ability to read and not to create RAR files.
To finish, and this is just a personal opinion/wrong idea I've developed over the years, RAR files are often associated with illegal content (don't ask me why, but to me it looks like most illegal content found on the internet is packed in RAR files).

(and of course this is just my opinion on the subject... but why are we discussing this on this thread?)
MPoupe, can you upload one that isn't .rar. I can't open it in this computer. I might on the other one though. I will have to check. I can't right now because my sister is on it.

Edit: Nevermind. It works on the other computer. It is much better quality, but not much volume for me. It's still awesome.
I could do icons for people who do not want to do it themselves. I actually really enjoy doing graphics and would not mind it.
flyingfisch wrote:
I could do icons for people who do not want to do it themselves. I actually really enjoy doing graphics and would not mind it.
Same here, glad you share my enthusiasm for making good-looking branding (icons and logos) and graphics for programs. Smile So I guess if anyone needs help with graphics/icons/sprites for their Prizm programs, they should post in the Graphics subforum of Cemetech.
anyone can make their own icons and compile the application, because it is open source

No, domain as far as icons here means that you have permission to use the icons and don't have to pay royalties for them. Smile
Can't oppen the .rar file. Sad So I can't get it.
krazylegodrummer56 wrote:
Can't oppen the .rar file. Sad So I can't get it.
Sounds like another person who wants a .zip update posted to the Cemetech archives. Wink
"...However, (unfortunately) the vast majority of calculator programmers are Windows users.."
OK, I would not expect this as a problem for programmer, but OK - I uploaded new player in your favorite zip archive.
"...RAR files are often associated with illegal content..."
My brain has thrown an exception on this Smile I hope you are kidding Smile

Please leave icons alone for now and tell me what do you think about the cgplayerB program itself.
What do you think about the sound producing algorithm?
Could it be improved ? How ?
Do you find it useful (as a library/subroutine for other project)?
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