New frontpage Highlights section. It is:
A great idea. I will tell you below my feedback on what to highlight.
 80%  [ 8 ]
A decent concept, but poorly execute. I'll say why below.
 10%  [ 1 ]
Something that should be removed so that news is higher on the page.
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

I am still unhappy. I think a couple pixels bigger would help a lot. It is really hard to read.
Okay, I took a few moments to touch up on a few odd pixels, and am going to use this new version to show my personal idea for the fonts: Minecraft. The Minecraft fonts are clear, crisp and easy to read, and aren't horribly small.

This version fixed the lack of transparency under the R's (oops), cleaned up a bit of the "glow" around the letters, and (of course) uses the Minecraft font.
KermMartian wrote:
Rudimentary attempt. Better or worse?

Significantly better!

KermMartian wrote:
Nah, I'm just being hyperbolic. Smile My point is that if and when a redesign becomes unavoidable, I want to make sure I have sufficient time to do it properly myself, and not impose on you guys.

I'd like to help when that rolls around - not an imposition Smile
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