Here's a safe overclocking function I've written based on gbl08ma's advice for my emulator. Because I made the mistake of blindly changing the clock frequency (based on errant wiki informaton!) I decided someone should use the Ptune2 code by sentaro ( as a basis and create a safe and easy way to get more cycles, since most people like better refresh rates Smile

Info in the .h file (you just add these files to your project, include the .h and call SetSafeClockSpeed(...)

Looks great, I would only add one more thing to this library: a way to save the current clock speed so that it can be restored when the program exits. So the library could be used more or less like this:


// perhaps using SafeClockSpeed as the type here is not a very good idea, as the calc might be currently using settings not available in the enum. You get the idea
SafeClockSpeed previousSpeed = GetSafeClockSpeed();

// do your thing at faster speed (or slower, if the calc was previously overclocked beyond SCS_Double)
// on the function passed to SetQuitHandler:

This ensures the original setting will be resumed when the program exits. The recommended usage in your .h will blindly set the speed back to the Casio default one, which means that users will then need to go into Ptune2 to resume the previous overclock.
So sentaro got me a much better extraction of ptune here:

I'll be incorporating his changes, and gbl08ma's suggestions and put together a more complete version in the next day or two when I have time.
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