Apparently no one's done a language definition for SuperH yet, so I spent about an hour tonight and wrote one for Notepad++. To use it, import the file by clicking on the menu icon crossed by a lightning bolt in the middle icon bar and hit import. Opening the file will allow Notepad++ to access it and it will automatically use the syntax highlighting for files with a ".sh3" extension. To use the file with other extensions after importing it, simply click on Languages > SuperH.

The syntax will highlight all SH-3 commands and all normal registers, as well as special registers, comments, and handles subsections (use "{" and "}"). Keep in mind that there must be a space between arguments in order for the arguments to highlight properly. For example:


mov.l @r1, r2

mov.l @r1,r2

Hope it's useful. The file can be downloaded here.
Very nice! Unfortunately, I think proportionally, of our Prizm hackers, there are fewer ASM coders than of our TI calculator hackers, but I think there are still enough that it will be useful. You're welcome to upload that file to the Cemetech Archives, btw.
Well, I fortunately found this before making my own to use, but I noticed it was somewhat incomplete. It was missing all of the GNU AS directives, instruction suffixes, etc. I made it more friendly now, so now you can work in AT&T syntax in style. Is there enough interest here that it should be uploaded to the archives? The original file isn't there yet, seems Qwerty hasn't uploaded it.

EDIT: Meh, yeah, it should probably be uploaded. This file was rather hidden, hard to setup (it was saved as a .txt file, not .xml), no README, and finally, incomplete. Might as well make it easier for others looking for the same resources. (of course, with Fishbot given credit, and co-author).
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