Is it possible to have the fxcg10 automatically display fractions? So if I were to input 3.3/3, the output would be 11/10 rather than 1.1.

I know you can just press the ' F->D' key but it would be more convenient if the output was automatically formatted.

If casio does not have give the ability to change this from their OS, would there be a way to code this into the calculator?

Thx for any help.

Edit by Merth: Fixed title (Fration->Fraction)
[shift]+[menu] gets you to the setup screen. My prizm is broken right now, but I think there is a part about "fraction display".

Also, for you TI people, the prizm does not have a [2nd] key, only [shift].
The set up menu only lets you change the default fraction display to mixed or to improper.

Ive tried looking through all the menus. If the option to customizes this is there, its probably hidden pretty deep in the interface. Then again, I could have just missed it.

Thanks for the help.
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