I'm tying to display a picture on the screen. I use the CopySprite routine and SourceCoder. But the colours of the picture are absolutely wrong. It looks like it was inverted, but it isn't. And when I press the menu button, the picture is displayed correctly for a sec:

I know, the calculator has a 16bit display (I guess RGB565) and if convert an image from 24bit, it looses shades, but the colours don't change.

So, what have I done wrong? How can I fix the colours?
You have probably followed one of Simon's guides, which tend to use some of the getkey routines that set the display into 3-bit color mode. Smile Can you please share your code, or at least the relevant main() code?

#include <display.h>
#include <display_syscalls.h>
#include <keyboard.h>
#include <sprite.h>

#include "../img/kocka.h"

int main(void) {
   int key;

   VRAM_CopySprite(kocka_kep, 30, 30, KOCKA_WIDTH, KOCKA_HEIGHT);

   while (1) {
      switch (key) {
   return 0;

kocka.h includes the bitmap.
Oh dear, what a mess. Wink You have indeed been reading Simon's guide, it looks like. Try this instead:

int main(void) {
   int kcol, krow,key;
   CopySprite(kocka_kep, 30, 30, KOCKA_WIDTH, KOCKA_HEIGHT);

   while(1) {

Also, thanks for shrinking your avatar. Smile
Oh, thank you very much. You've saved my life!!!
balping wrote:
Oh, thank you very much. You've saved my life!!!
So that worked for you? Feel free to keep the questions coming. Smile
Relevant documentation on WikiPrizm.
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