DoctorBacon wrote:
I only have two TI-83+'s. One I found in my house when I moved in, the other had a dead backup battery when I found it at a yard sale. Fixed it, and it works like a charm.

Those sound like great ways to acquire calculators! Smile

I have an 83 Plus BE and an 84 Plus SE, and my brother has an 84 Plus BE that he doesn't let me touch. I use both of my calcs regularly for link program testing.
So, let's post my (small) calc collection!
Warning: large image
Sorunome wrote:
So, let's post my (small) calc collection!
Warning: large image
Nice assortment, Sorunome! Where did you get each of them? You don't really do much 68k programming, correct?
The TI-84+ I got in 8th grade for math, that is the first calculator I got.
The TI-89 I only got recently (hence no 68k projects yet) for AP calculus.
And the TI-83+SE I got like a week ago for $20 from a friend who doesn't need it anymore, yes, he is aware that he could get a lot more money out of it if he sold it on ebay.
Mine in order of aquisition:
TI-84 SE
TI-Nspire clickpad
TI-Nspire CAS+ P1-DVT1
TI-XXXXXXXXXXX (nspire clickpad prototype)
Commodore PR-100 (my dad's friend from work heard that I started collecting and gave it to me)
i have a
Casio fx-991W
ti 54
ti 84 + silver edition
like your collection Kerm Smile
I recieved a basic nspire from my teacher, raising my collection to 3. i really dont like it Smile

i also found a Ti-108 laying around my house, not sure what to use that for...
So, I hear you like calculators, so I put some calculators in your calculators.. Wink

This is strictly TI related calculators.

This is my collection in it's entirety.

73, 80, 81, 82 (blocky, 83, Parcus), 83 (slant, straight) 83+ (standard, green), 83+SE x2, 84+, 84+SE, 84+CSE, 85 x2, 86 x2, 89 (HW1, HW2), 92+, Nspire (Carrier, CX), Prizm

Plus, I own a TI Keyboard, silver USB link and a few graphlinks. Did I mention I still have original packaging for the 81? Smile
holy crap. Thats like $1,000+ laying right there.
that green case is epic! is that covering the usual casing, or is it actually part of the calc?
They had 2 83+s with color see through cases, the blue and green. I'm still looking to get my hands on a blue one.
Not if i can find one first! (When i get money to throw around)
Do you still have the original casing for the 84+CSE?
Here's an updated view of my collection:

I spy, in columns from left to right:
Column 1: TI-84+CSE, two blue Nspires, a ClassPad 330, a bunch of 83s/83+s, a TI-84+, a Casio Prizm, and a TI-89.
Column 2: a TI-84+SE, some TI-83+s and TI-83s, a TI-81, and a TI-80.
Column 3: the Ultimate Calculator 2, TI-83+s, and TI-83+SEs
Column 4: TI-84+SE, a TI-30 II X Solar, TI-83+s, and TI-82s
Column 5: TI-82s, TI-83s, and TI-83+s
Upright: TI-92+ and a new-in-box
Slanted stack: Prizm, TI-89ti, TI-84+CSE signed by Mayim Bialik, TI-Nspire CX signed by Mayim Bialik

I count 64 in all, and most are now working except for a few TI-82s. I also have two working 83+s on my desk. And hell, I forgot the 85s and 86s that are sitting in my chest of drawers.
Wait, you have 2 84+CSEs? I'm thinkin the one is just an SE, right?

And you've still got me beat in both sheer numbers and variety of calcs. :< I think you only have the and 89ti that I don't have that's graphing. Oh, and the class pad.
Beautiful specimens and I can only express tifreak8x's incredulity in asking if it is true that you have not one but 2 4+CSEs?

What feelings of joy, bliss, and delight must suffuse your heart when you look upon such a veritable Aladin's cave of calculator power! And the glorious ClassPad 330 is in there too. I can only look and marvel... Very Happy

Tifreak8x's collection of calculators is also magnificent.
Sorry, that was a mistake, just a single TI-84+CSE. The one at top left is indeed a TI-84+SE. Here's what I'm missing:

- Blue, green, and purple TI-83+s. I used to have blue and green, but they were tragically lost.
-, TI-84, and the Chinese TI-84 Plus SE Pocket
- Old and new-style TI-73
- TI-92 non-plus and the TI-92 II module
- Voyage 200
Shock Kerm, i think you have sufficient calc power to rival something great. but you only have one prizm?
LuxenD wrote:
Shock Kerm, i think you have sufficient calc power to rival something great. but you only have one prizm?
Nope, two Prizms. One I bought myself as a birthday present two years ago, soon after the calculator was available in stores. The second one I got as a result of Casio's teacher training program.
Kerm needs an fx9860...

Also, I still only have a PRIZm and fx9860, however I just got a SHARP EL-6620 which although not a calculator, is still cool.
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