Hey, I've come up with a way to benchmark Ti-BASIC that should work on all TI graphing calcs, with modification.

TI-85 :

Lbl T
If A==1:Then
Disp "Iterations :",I
Goto T

This will slow down to the point of a "error 05 memory" being thrown by the OS
You can check how Ti-BASIC did by typing "I" and you will see the last iteration it went through.
> The higher the number the better
< the lower the number the worse

Example :
My Ti85 got through 703 iterations, so it's average in performance.

Don't do this, it was a joke. just to clear it up
That's not a very good way to benchmark anything because it is entirely dependent on the amount of free ram available. It would also be really slow. How did you come to the conclusion that 703 iterations was average for a TI-85? Also, I think some calculators won't let a currently executing program take up more than 64k because of paging, so you wouldn't be measuring much at all.
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