Hey guys, I'm new around here, but a longtime calculator enthusiast, and though I'm a university student now, I've lurked here since my middle school days.

I've been trying to par down my collection of calculators (9 or 10 at the moment) to increase the use I get out of them.
My most recent acquisitions are casio's graphing pair which support python - the fx 9750giii and fx-cg50 Prizm.

I like the features and software so much more than the TIs that I'm fluent with, but they could be better.
Specifically, I am hanging on to my TI 89 Titanium for it's CAS abilities.

I am well aware of the existence of both KhiCAS and Eigenmath, both of which I've toyed around with, but I'd like to be able to use CAS features in an environment that's not completely isolated from the rest of the built in calculation features. For example, accessing variables that the normal calculation environment can set, or which casio-basic programs might use. I know the fx-GC500 Prizm CAS from casio has CAS functionality built in to it's OS, and I believe both calculators run on the same SH4 processor at 112mhz, so it seems from first glance that porting some CAS features over through modified versions of OEM apps would not be as difficult as say, porting xcas over to the sh4 and prizm from it's start as a PC application.

I'm looking for thoughts on the feasibility of the addition of those more integrated CAS features to the Prizm, as I'm not sure I've seen anyone mention the possibility before.
This sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure how much work has gone into reverse-engineering the fx-CG 500. I have no idea where the syscall table is or what the main menu syscall number would be, so I have no idea where one would even start.

There was a classpad SDK for the old classpad, but I'm not sure if this is at all related to the fx-CG 500.

Someone else might know more about this - someone uploaded binaries from the fx-CG 500 to the Planet Casio bible (possibly critor, they were the last person to modify them), but I haven't been able to find any of the requisite information publicly online.
I guess some work has been done for jailbreaking the fx-CG500 (fx-CP400/400+E). The team working on HollyHock 2 may have looked at the OS binary to isolate some syscalls. I don't know how far they went.
I know also that Yatis spend some time on the ClassPad OS to identify some routines. He reported that he found some vintage portions of codes taht were not used anymore and that disappeared from the fx-CG50, despite being very similar in term of hardware.
I am then pretty sure that there are already some knowledgeable people around.
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