I had kind of forgotten there were things requesting my action on this. I don't think anybody really uses it anymore (we seem to have drifted away from the Prizm since it's rather difficult to work with), but I did a little with this.

KermMartian wrote:
The README seems to be missing a few things that would have saved me some headaches. For starters, I think a Requirements section would be invaluable:
- This works only under Python3. I recommend you either put that in giant bold letters at the top, or make it work under Python2.
- Listing out dependencies like python3-pyqt4 and pyqt4-dev-tools and cmake and python-setuptools would be nice too.


- You don't mention needing to do a python setup.py install, but I assume that step is necessary?
- The readme instructed me to run "fx-cg-ui$ python -m fx-cg-ui.core IPC.dat", but you told me on IRC that that should actually be fx_cg_ui.core.
I added a README to [UI] describing the prerequisites and how to run it. setup.py is not necessary but simplifies things a little.

KermMartian wrote:
Other comments:
- Can you make the UI program generate the IPC.dat (or whatever name the user specifies) file if the given file does not exist?
I can but haven't yet.

I also pulled in AHelper's display changes.
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