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BTW: why cemetech doesn't support attachments ?

Because it has an "Archives" section where people should upload programs, exactly to avoid having them lost attached to posts in often forgotten threads.
Exactly this. I can't tell you my frustration when I have to find Simon's PDF/Insight hopping through endless Omnimaga forum attachments, and how impossible it is to find a forum attachment once you've forgotten what it was or who attached it. The archives guarantee (1) that files are well-organized and (2) that people have thought carefully before uploading content to Cemetech.

And I must say too, that while this has many positive points, it also features some disadvantages: it's hard to upload new versions in a "release early, release often" basis, because each file has to be approved every time it is uploaded, plus, it's frustrating to have to package beta/alpha software which doesn't have screenshots yet and is going to be updated the next week.
For these reasons, I upload my add-ins out of Cemetech for minor releases, and I only upload to the archives when I reach 1.0, 1.1, etc., missing the betas, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.
For the approval thing: We tend to move pretty quickly, and you can always bug us. For screenshots: Uploads don't need to have screenshots, especially in the Beta folder.

That being said, I tend to do the same thing--upload the file to the archives when it's ready to be in the archived, but host it on my server otherwise. This is nice because then there's only one URL to the most recent version so it can't get lost in posts, but there's also the official release which is easy to find.
I've updated this to build with new SDKs, gave it new fx-CG50 style icons and added an option for some faster baud rates.

I also removed a hard coded VRAM address and I tested it on the fx-CG50. I don't yet have a good adapter so I haven't tested if the faster baud rates work still. The code worked for me on the fx-CG10.
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