He used a dual multiplexer 74hc139 with the lcd tri-state control on the enable, can directly clock in bits, at 15mhz transfer data at approximately 60/80 kBps r/w
jwelming wrote:
Tested, built, and working
Awesome! Please post a topic with more information about and photos of the project when you have a chance, if you haven't already.
Mr. Norwood said he will get the schematic together and pass it on to me, to post in here. However the driver, will take a lot longer to get release. It is written in nimas and needs transfered to a PC.
Robert Norwood is my asm teacher. I have had the great privilege of using one of his earlier builds. He has improved it tremendously since this build, but it works spectacularly none the less. The app that I'm using to access the card is custom built by him as well.

Pics of the insides:

Accessing the card:
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