I think using some hax for the trench as ben stated is the best avenue for success. That way the engine can concerntrate on enemies and turrets and such.

I have managed to get the 3D tracking routines working for the most part. The screenie below has a tie fighter flying around its target, which then changes, in which case it reorientates and flies to it instead.

This routine is a must for game scenarios as objects can now find their targets in 3D space. It was a bit of a pain to get working lol!

Also here is a camera lookAt test:

Note that the stars are a quick hack and arent relative to the camera and there is no object sorting as yet (there is polygon sorting but its confined to per-object).
Oh, this is beautiful! Great progress, and very smooth looking. Of course I'm going to pick on you for using MirageOS rather than Doors CS, but other than that amazing work.
Oh oops, yeah i have DCS on my calc but MOS in the emu for some reason lol, i should update teh save state Smile.
That looks lovely, great work! Smile Can't wait to play!
Is this going to turn into a game or something? It should!
GinDiamond wrote:
Is this going to turn into a game or something? It should!
That would be why his January 8th screenshot is a game. Razz Speaking of which, tr1p1ea, how's progress going?
I have a small amount of progress, probably thinking of making an xwing type space-sim or something.

Background decals and an xwing!:

Shooting sequence:
I kinda wish you’d post updates to the viewer lol
Implemented some basic shooting+collision checking:

As it stands, different objects have different firing rates and firing 'sequences'. By firing sequence i mean xwing's shoot from 4 lasers in a pattern where-as something like a tie-fighter will only shoot from 2 lasers alternating ... if that makes sense?
Wow, this is absolutely fantastic! Just wondering, what's the poly count on the tie-fighter/x-wing?
Thanks leafiness0 Smile.

The poly count is very low. The tie's are 5 polys, 11 vertices and the x-wings are 14 polys, 18 vertices.
Is that a planet in the background (round object with a ring)?

Different firing sequences sounds like a fun addition to gameplay: canonically, X-Wing pilots were able to switch between 3 different firing modes during the era of the Rebellion. Also, will the X-Wing have both lasers and proton torpedos?

Finally, don't know how much of a Star Wars buff you are, but on the tech-specs/gameplay front, X-Wings have some degree of deflector shields (unsure if these are ray shields, particle shields, or both, but I suspect both), and TIE fighters do not.
So basically, the way this engine works, is that the x, y, and z coordinates are calculated, but everything gets translated to x and y at the camera point.
elfprince: Although i am aware of the different x-wing firing sequences i dont think ill implement them in this project, mainly because im lazy Razz.

Here is a screenie of how the HUD is layed out as such with speed, torpedoes and shields. I believe that the x-wing shields are also configurable fore and aft, and that you can transfer power from engine/lasers to shields and vice-versa ... but i think those are beyond the depth of this project also:

The tie-fighters with have some hull integrity but no shields also.

Each object in the engine has a chunk of data associated with it to describe things like shields and such Smile.

What i find exciting is that the movement routines mean that i can automatically make the 'torpedoes' track and hone-in on their targets by setting their target byte to a valid object. I havent implemented them yet but it is a pretty trivial task Smile.
Very cool! Smile I can't wait to play.
Great explanation, tr1p1ea, and superb work on that movement routine robustness you reference. Good luck getting time to make progress on this project.
*** Massive bump! ***

I have ported a small portion of this engine to the 84C just to see if its even possible. I have a small test screenie of a colour 3D cube. Note that this screenie is far choppier than on calc (its a fair bit smoother on hardware).

This cube does exist in a 16-bit 3D world (you can move around it etc). Its just a start but pretty cool to see it in action on the real thing Smile.
Holy half-year necrobump! That looks beautiful, tr1p1ea; thank you for sharing the progress. Do you plan on doing anything with it, or does the speed of the 84+CSE make that a prohibitive undertaking? I've always wanted a solid CAD program on the calculators; that sort of engine makes me think it would be possible on the TI-84+CSE, given that framerate doesn't matter as much with that sort of program.
That looks amazing!
Wow, very cool! Any update on the Star Wars game?
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