Okay, so I have since got the CPU, but discovered not only it didn't work, but also the motherboard for an unknown reason didn't work! So oh well. But, I bought three new capacitors and replaced the blown ones on the old motherboard, and it worked amazing!
The funny thing is, I bought the capacitors before all the others (motherboard, thermal paste, and two more CPUs), but didn't install them because I decided that couldn't work because that'd be too easy!
Well, I'm glad that's finally over, as I said, it was The Bane, the unkillable dead thing, and hasn't been touched since it died in about 2007. It's funny, the computer repair guy we took it to then said it would be more worth it to buy a new computer; he didn't know one could buy new caps for $6 (and this computer cost $2000 in 2004)!
This posted from the Medion. Thanks for the help guys; I've actually learned quite a bit through this process. Here is a picture of the new and old caps:

The red arrow points to the newly replaced ones (the distance between the leads on the new ones was wider than the old), the blue to the old.
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