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 20%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 10

make the background for the bottom one transparent.....
It is. Smile
so why can't I see the white background of the page?
Because you use IE, and IE handles png transparency wrong. Sad
I fixed it now to be IE-compatible.

Placeholder: http://doorscs.cemetech.net/
our school gives you a 5 day out of school suspension, and a removal of computer privileges for the rest of the year if they catch you using a browser other than IE cause anything else goes straight through their stupid filter Mad Mad Mad
HAhahahhaha point and laugh. Wow, that sucks so incredibly much. Sad
cause last year a couple of idiot seniors installed key-loggers underneath of Deep Freeze and then froze their names into the Novell login screen....now they don't want anyone downloading hacking tools....or anything else.

At least they let me keep all my calc dev tools in my account (heeheehee they didn't know what they were and I had more exe's than anyone else on the network so they froze my account, then made me delete my FireFox and FileZilla installers)
Yargh, but when you explained what the calc dev stuff was, they let you keep them? That's good.
yeah.....fortunately. cause I had massive amounts of stuff that Id found.
Laughing This is why I use a flash drive to store all my important docs and progs.
GMail is helpful for that....
[/me uses superhuman strength to push this topic back on-topic]
[/me smacks Kerm with Kryptonite, negating super human strength Razz]

I think the bottom image looks pretty cool...
The bottom is definitely teh coolness. I dont like the top one so much.
Bottom one is better. Good Idea
true, it is cool. A little better more is there.
It reminds me of a promotional button, like for political campaigns.
And now, for a limited time only friends, you too can make crystal balls of the most amazing qualities! Click here for this special offer. (Link Provided by JonCorp©).
that is good, maybe I should do that
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