Nubie so not sure if I’m posting in the right area!
I have both the FX-CG20 and the FX-CG50 Prizms.
The CG20 has been working fine but it locked up and I had to do a hard reset. Now when I power it on it loads the initial setup screen. It gets ‘stuck’ on the Message Language choice screen with the pink triangle pointing at English with the world icon saying ‘hello’ in its speech bubble and F1 Select and F6 Next (with a purple down arrow above the F6 icon. I can’t get the calculator to respond to any presses of the keyboard or the function keys. Done all the usual, hard reset, new batteries, connecting to laptop but it’s just ‘stuck’!

The CG50 calculator is working just fine APART from I can’t upgrade the OS from 3.2 to 3.5 (is this actually worth doing?). The guy next door gave me his old Work laptop before he retired and moved - it’s a Dell Latitude E5430 i5 with 8GB of memory. After he’d wiped it clean I’ve deliberately put Windows 7 on it and replaced the 5400 rpm internal hard drive with a 256GB SSD - I know it’s no longer supported but I think Windows 7 has been the most successful OS from Microsoft in the last 10 years (I’m old enough to remember all the Windows users who wished they’d stayed on Windows 95 after the horror releases of Windows 98 and the nightmare that was Vista!).
When I try and upgrade from 3.2 to 3.5 it goes through all the motions and finally gives a message saying the update has failed followed immediately by a message saying it’s been upgraded successfully!!! (It hasn’t!).
Any help for this 72 year old retiree would be greatly appreciated and I’ll reward with the tales of working in IT from 1979 at the vanguard of the PC revolution - the company I worked for bought an ACT Victor Technology Sirius 1 PC. No hard drive but 2 double sided 5¹/₄ inch disk drives giving a whopping storage capacity of 720KB (yes kilobytes!) from each drive (not really as you had to have the OS permanently in drive ASmile. 8086/8088 CPU, 512KB of main memory running CPM 80/86 OS (prior to MSDOS and Windows 3.1) - all for a bargain price of £2,400 (in 1980 equivalent to £10,360 today). In 1981 we bought an external 10MB (yes 10 Megabytes) hard drive for a mere 3,000 (£12,950 now)!
I suspect one of the buttons is stuck on your fx-cg20 - perhaps wiggle each button first with batteries out so hopefully the button gets unstuck.

Regarding update for fx-cg50 - I thought windows 7 was bad, windows 10 I think is better but don’t know the requirements. Also are you following the instructions properly while updating, something like declining connection on the calculator, going into settings and selecting OS update, etc? I assume 3.2 os doesn’t have Python, so if you need that update is needed. Good luck and keep us posted!
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