i need an equation or logarithm for my calcutor to input into my game. it is for experience needed based on level does anybody know a good one that would work so that there can be unlimited level gain in my game.
Elaborate, please.
like when you grow a level it executes the equation so that you get experience instead of me having to store a number for each level grown there for grow to an unlimited level.
I'm guessing you mean RPG exp. from defeating an enemy?

X = your level
Y = your opponents level

Exp to level up = (X^3-X^2)/2
Exp gained from battle = Y^2-(X^2/2)

I think the way that works out (checked years ago, might be different now) is that you need one more battle with an equal level opponent after every level.
Oh, so you just want logarithmic growth?

You could go with ln(xp) or log(xp) or add 1/xp (the "smallest" divergent series possible). In terms of growth, those are the slowest growing equations.
thanx radical pi just one thing the monsters are not going to have levels so do you know how i can incorporate something to fix that problem
Um...Give them temporary levels?
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