No, not continously.
My map program just reached 5k, so I'm making a new one. When you leave the last place of ZTOWN1, ZTOWN2 is loaded into TEMP9.
I think that should work! Razz
Indeed it should. Perfect!
I'm getting better at this stuff!! Wink
ASM libs help a lot before you get used to to constraints of 24K. Smile
w00t. I finally think I understand this stuff, and Kerm goes and confuses me with that bit! Razz
Huh? I wasn't trying to confuse you...
I know, but you have skill like that! Wink Rolling Eyes
Sorry, I get used to being able lo provide detailed explanations here. Wink
LOL! Wink

Anyway, I'll go make some more areas. Wink
All is going well, no errors so far...

I want to make it so that if you land on a '?' in the string, you level up.

A key part of this is to make it dissapear forever after getting it.

I can do:
If X = 1
" blahblahblahblah " --> Str1

But, if I did a second string for each area I have a '?' in, the ammount of memory will get too big.

Any other ideas how to get the '?' to disappear?
It is complicated... You could do some complex stuff with the sub( command, cutting it out and replacing it with a space or something... I could try to come up with some psuedo code later if you want...
He wants to see about replacing it with a space or something, if it has been used already...

If curposition = Instring(Str0,"?
sub(Str0,1,curpos-1)+" "+sub(Str0,curpos+1,length(Str0)-curpos-1)-->Str0
Corposition? Instring?? Curpos???

God help me...

command, cutting it out and replacing it with a space or something

I know how to do that, but, how can I make it so that when you leave the area and come back in, it's not there?? Every time you enter a new lvl, prgmZTOWN is run, which defines the string, which will make it '?' again.


Instead of:

If X=1
" blahblahblahblah " --> Str1

I do:

If X=1:Then
" "->Str2
sub(Str1,1,T-1)+Str2+sub(Str1,T+1,length(Str1)-T --> Str1

How much memory would that take if I use it every area I have a '?' in?
Read my code. Just replace CurPos and Curposition with T.
InString( can be found in [2nd][0].
KermMartian wrote:

If curposition = Instring(Str0,"?
sub(Str0,1,curpos-1)+" "+sub(Str0,curpos+1,length(Str0)-curpos-1)-->Str0

What does this do, and where do I put it??

If T=InString(Str0,"?
sub(Str0,1,T-1)+" "+sub(Str0,T+1,length(Str0)-curpos-1)-->Str0

This will remove a "?" from the string if T is at a "?" in the string.
Only place I could think to put this is in prgmZGA, for it to check that every time I move. But that would make it lag WAY too much.
Actually, that wouldn't lag much at all. It would only hit the substring command if you were levelling up.
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