dopeheaddude wrote:
I'm confused on this:

:If J

What is 'check'?
Is 'stuff' the same as the first 'STUFF'?
What does 'If J' mean?

thats psedo code, it won't actually run. You replace the (STUFF)=WHATEVER, Check, and Stuff with your code. He was just demonstrating how to use j for goto's that won't cause a memory leak
Sorry, I'm still confused about it this:

:If J

Am I just having a blond moment?
Something like that would work, but will bloat the code if you plan on having too many enemies...


If J=1
Goto A

That is all that says.
I do plan on it.
dopeheaddude wrote:
Sorry, I'm still confused about it this:

:If J

Am I just having a blond moment?

if j :Will evalutae FALSE because 0 == False
if j :will evaluate TRUE because (any non-zero) == True
Then I would suggest you use a similar system that AOD employed:

Still don't get it...

Now I just feel like an annoying bugger...
Look at the code from D3EN, see if that helps remedy your problem...
D3EN??? I must be having a bad day! lol
Check out the link I posted, and prgmD3EN within that zip will give you an idea on what I was talking about earlier...
Not a single GOTO in there! Laughing

But I do understand all of that code.
There is not a single Goto/Lbl in that entire game. Smile

I am pretty sure there isn't one in Pokemon either. If there is, and I find it, I plan on changing it... Smile

*lesson learnt*

So funny, this was one of those things Dan told me when I first started TI-Basic; of course I never believed him!
Hmm... are Labels bad too? Or only Goto?
Label is useless with out a Goto...except for marking places inside of the program, which wastes space anyway.
Lbl's are useful if you have menu's, but other than that they are useless (in almost all cases) as kirb has pointed out.
Menu - Lbl is alright, though?
I don't see how you can avoid them with a menu( Razz, so yes Smile
well, if you have to use menu, you can build your own that would then not require it
Making your own is preferable...
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