hi guys, i have a minor problem.

i have symbolic, with autocalc installed, great program, but it does something weird.
when i have used symbolic i cant access f1-f5 anymore. neither can i start programs from archive. then i run doorcs once. and everything is fine again. but then autocalc just gives me errors.

they don't seem to like eachother.
any help, or info regarding this?
It sounds like Symbolic is overriding the OS's hooks and Doors CS's hooks. Since you're talking about F1 through F5, I assume you're using a MathPrint operating system? Symbolic was written long before the MathPrint operating systems became a thing, so it's not really a big surprise that it doesn't work well with it.
I too have a problem regarding Symbolic except it's a major problem. I installed Symbolic and then ran Door CS7. Then I uninstalled Symbolic and searched for illegal tokens. Afterwards, my calculator showed a screen filled with strange symbols. When I tried to reset the RAM by taking out my batteries, it didn't work. My calculator just displays the same screen except with the screen a lot dimmer. Later, I tried taking out the batteries a couple time again. My calculator then displayed static in a really dim screen. Can anyone help?
What do you mean "searched for illegal tokens"?
It's just what it said on Symbolic.
Back in the days, instead of real(), Omnicalc used illegal tokens for the Sprite and other commands, then eventually got updated to use real() instead. However, I don't think Symbolic received such update. I would be surprised if Symbolic ran on OS 1.15 or higher.
I resent the OS and fixed it. Thanks though, guys.
yuqing wrote:
I resent the OS and fixed it. Thanks though, guys.
Glad to hear it got fixed. Smile Feel free to stop by any time you have additional calculator use or programming (or computer programming) questions.
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