I am a nerd. I am proud of that.


It is used several ways, and so people might take it differently than I mean it.

Nerd has several colloquial uses, as to mean: dorky, smart, and/or genius with tech, science, and math.

Those are all Stereotypes about being a nerd. I can be a history or literature nerd. I can be a cool nerd. I can be a nerd who doesn't get good grades. The fact is: being a nerd means that you are proud of something about you that has to do with your mental capabilities.

I am not saying a nerd can't be strong or popular or below-average intelligence, but I'm saying that something mental sets a nerd apart from someone else.

For instance: Tesla was a nerd. He was the father of AC. He made it possible for our everyday lives to be the way they are. He worked for Edison for a period of time. Edison was not a nerd. He marketed what other people made, and made money. He was an ordinary guy who knew how to make money.

That's on the whole nerd stereotype.

Now on discrimination: IT'S JUST PLAIN WRONG

I don't care if you are gay, black, autistic, poor, or in a minority.
Let gay people be gay. It doesn't affect you in any way.
Let black people be who they want to be without fear of discrimination.
Let autistic people show their inner brilliance.
Let poor people get to a better situation.
Let minorities be who they are, without fear of being discriminated.

And on just plain bad stuff:

Treat them with some respect, please.

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