Check out this topic:

Oh yeah... Very Happy Laughing
Nice. Changed your topic title.
lol, but the other title was so much fun. Very Happy

Trust me, it was a shock to the system...
I'll say. I thought they were long gone from the community.
lol, I noticed the more I post here about stuff at my forums, the more you post over there... I am slowly getting your post count up... Laughing

And yes, I agree, I thought they weren't coming back in any form, and he says he is still interested in calc... Smile
Yeah, exactly. I visit your forum when I remember about it. Sorry Sad
Tis ok, I am actually getting more traffic to my site, which I like. Smile This summer, I am going to add a bunch to the archives, maybe get even more publicity that way... Smile

Though sometime soon, I need to start working on getting something done with css, don't I? I guess it is time to start reading up on those css tutorials...
Just realized I completely forgot about the Cemetech Archives. Shock hmm...
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