KermMartian wrote:
There we go, fixed the script to properly exclude even nested quotes. Ha, all our averages went down dramatically.

Actually, I am still at 111,000 words with an average of 47.03 words per post. So it didn't seem to affect me, even though I tend to err on the quote side when I am replying to somebody. Are you sure you removed quotes in the wordcount?
Yes, quite. You were up to about 56.nn before I did the correction.
Kllrnohj wrote:
Hmm... letsee, 105254 words with an average of 44.56 BEFORE this post...

Edit: And 105553 words with an average of 44.67 AFTER this post - seems to have helped a bit Wink

...I don't think I've ever been anywhere near the 50 mark.... (oh, and go back and look at the post count milestones thread were I posted several people's wordcounts - everyone has gone up - so either we have drastically posted more, or something wierd is going on...)
Negatory - the quote thing was working incorrectly. I removed all quote elimination, noted the stats, and then fixed the code of whoever made the mod so that it actually functions correctly. Your average was in the mid-50s when I removed all quote checking.
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