i was reading through my calculator manual so i could see what some of the commands did and i stumbled across this bit of code:



when you run it it takes you to the graphscreen and you can move a cursor around the once you push enter it returns to the program. and i figured if you want a menu this might actually save you some memory and maybe even make it faster because you do not have to check for keyinput. so if you wanted to do a menu you could draw a circle or a box next to a choice and then they put the cursor into the box and press enter than all you have to do is check the coordinates of x and y than do certain stuff based on that.
Very Happy To have a menu that doesn't take forever to navigate, you'll have to have either very few options or very small options with the input menu. Also, I've made optimizations to make the program linked to by the smiley faster and the GUI menu is easy to use in any program. All it has to do is check the locations pointed to by a certain list element of both the x and y list.
You've discovered what happens when you have Input with no arguments. Very Happy

Sadly, it's fairly useless because it takes approximately 8304573469073462 years to get from one place on the screen to another, which is slightly inconvenient for users.
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