hi all, i would like to build an device wich can flash leds to music, preferably via a normal 3.5 mm audio jack.
if possible without a arduino. i dont have a clue where to begin, and when i google about the topic, i get on sites with dificult schematics.
i hope you guys can help me out.

i have a limited supply of parts so i hope i can make something nice still.
An Arduino would be overkill for this. There are a handful of integrated circuits that you can use to convert audio amplitude to a step-wise function (for things like a VU meter). You'll probably need more components than what you have on hand, at any rate. Can you tell us more about what your limiting factors are for the project? Can you order more components, for example? What do you need help with: converting the audio into a digital signal (ie, LEDs on/off), powering the LEDs properly, or both?
i alraedy figured i didnt need a arduino for this.
i have got a amplifier chip (mentioned in my previous post) and got a led to flicker with the music, but i would like to turn it on with only bass. i have resistors and a few caps. nothing much more. and some leds, what would i need to have?

edit 1: oh i didnt post that previous post. and i'm not at home atm, so i can't remember wich kind of chip

edit 3:http://pdf.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheet/SGSThomsonMicroelectronics/mXqwxzy.pdf
datasheet for the chip (dug it up in my browse history Razz)

it has its input/outputs like this:


output 1-  - input 1 -
vcc     -  - input 2 °
output 2-  - input 1 °
ground  -  - input 2 -

something like this.
i managed to solder a 3.5 mm jack to a normal copper wire (more like baked to it. im not a pro at soldering yet haha)
and put that into the inputs, the ° is the positive for left and right,
and - is the ground (one wire on the 3.5 mm)

i have the outputs wired to a led. and have it all powered by my arduino, because i dont have a 5v supply.

i hope i can begin wiring it into my speaker when i get home from my holiday, i will provide some pictures of that later Wink

edit 2:
remembered i had a picture of the speaker with permanent on leds on facebook Smile
okay, the chip is blown. does anybody know of a good amplifier chip?
and can you tell me how to apply it to my situation?
i'm kinda noobish at this Razz
I like the LM 386 because it's simple and available at radio shack for a few dollars. A circuit like this would give you amplification:

You would need 2 of them to amplify both channels though (need duplicates of all the parts). All you really need from that diagram are the 3 capacitors and 2 resistors. Ignore the dotted "bypass" part. The potentiometer in the diagram could be replaced by a fixed resistor if you don't have a pot on hand. The part values don't have to be exact - it's tolerant of experimentation.
is this what's used to make leds flash? because ive seen them do it with TIP31 transistors?

im quite new to all this, so i can't make anything out of your circuit Sad
Sorry, I was just recommending a "good amplifier chip."

Using a TIP31 is probably the easiest way to get what you want. Like so:

But if you are willing to use an Arduino or other MCU platform for the task, then this chip would make it easy (a tutorial).
Thanks SO much. this is just what i needed Very Happy
will get to work on it ASAP and show some images here Smile

thanks again Very Happy
If you want to filter each part of the music and map it to a certain set of LEDS with very basic components, this may be of some use.
no, just let it go along with the music. but thanks, maybe ill try that later Smile
anyone got a idea as for why this isnt working, i am using the scheme posted by jmptable. but it just doesnt work?
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