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I'm fine either way.
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I have been thinking about this for a while. We can post reviews, but can't edit them, or even edit our rating for a program. Sad

I petition to change that! I have posted many reviews on my own, but sometimes after an update, I find out that my review is incorrect and want to change it. Or an update has made a game/ program better.
For example:
TheLastMillennial's Review on Time Waster 2000 wrote:
This is a fun little program for solving boredom. As described, this program uses your graph screen to create a variety of neat patterns. Some suggestions I have for this is: More patterns! Because as far as I can tell there are only about 4-5 unique patterns (there are some that are just rotated 90 degrees), another suggestion would be to make the line change colors every time it does a new pattern. (this isn't hard to add in yourself though, just add [GraphColor(1,randInt(10,18 ))] after the [Wait 1] command. Overall a neat program to have on your calculator, it's very new at the time of this review so I hope future updates add improvements to make this program even better! [8/10]

This review is incorrect, there aren't just 4-5 unique patterns, the patterns are actually randomly generated. I would like to change this so I am not giving out false information.
Another example is Mateo's well-known Oiram. If you have seen his review page... it's a mess, however if the inexperienced reviewers could edit their non-review; it could be very beneficial.

Admins: I strongly recommend you look into adding this as a feature into Cemetech. I believe that it will be very beneficial to the experience we all know and love here.
Graphing Calculator
Thank you for your time,
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Have a good day.
I second this. I wish I could update some past reviews, or revote on a file when it has been updated Smile
I agree, as my program can have up to around 4000 different patterns! Not to hate on the review of course, because it would take forever to see all 4000!
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