y r yall lame?
dont kno nethin but calculators
 0%  [ 0 ]
need girlfriends
 25%  [ 3 ]
live on the computer
 8%  [ 1 ]
[Kerm adds:] All of the Above
 66%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 12

every1 here is lame
Very Happy I know things other than calculators, but calcs r 1337. I definitely need a girlfriend, but I'm making strides on that front. And yes, I live on the computer. I'm considering getting an HMD for my tablet so I never have to leave my computer. So I added the "All of the Above" option. Word. Smile
thot ud like to kno this is my last post
man, we would hate to see you go, but I don't know if we can talk you into staying. Good luck wherever you may go
Good luck with everything. Thanks for all the tips: re designerz-core.com. Cemetech wouldn't be hear as it is today without that. Smile
true, it was good to have it while we did, beside the hack, it was a good host it seemed
Indeed it was. BTW, here's me in 5 years: Very Happy

I think the bottom lines is that I'm proud to be a pillar of geekdom. We are pretty much the foundation of the future, given how much technology is becoming integrated into everything life.
true, I don't know what people in my school would do without me, I have saved so many people problems with their calcs and comps (even teachers for that matter, I had one teacher that I never met or heard of at my school track me down to fix his calc)
wow, that's impressive. It's just that I feel like I'm adding some good to the world, trying to make advances that no one else has ever dreamed of, you know.
or at least your small corner of the world like I do
Yeah, definitely, but I aspire to bigger and better things. There's no limit to what you can do with enough imagination and determination.

Sorry if this sounds overly optimistic; I'm listening to some good hero-saves-the-day-and-the-world time music atm and it always makes me think like this. Very Happy
cool, well, someday I hope to have an impact on the world, but one step at a time
Definitely. Ah, inspirational music, that's the word I was looking for. Sorry you see us as lame for this, Pat. Sad
yeah, true. Does this topic really have a point to it now?
my calc is cool not lame...oh wait....

I only live on the computer for 4/5 hours a day.

I do not have a girlfriend....nor have I ever turned down a date.....for the reason Ive never had one offered.
I have a girlfriend, but she's a geek too. Wink
man, some people have all the luck
Haha, she actually ditched gym class to play Dungeons and Dragons with me and some friends during our study hall. The DM got paranoid about her getting caught and wouldn't let her play, though...
This is a girl? Do you have actual confirmation of its gender?
jpez wrote:
This is a girl? Do you have actual confirmation of its gender?

Hehehehehe....oh, sorry. How did you get so lucky? Anyway, I'm working the same angle, as I've mentioned the jpez. Very Happy
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