A while ago... I didn't program in C. Then one day, Streetwalrus and I decided to pick it up and program our Nspires. We started up a Tetris clone, but sort of forgot about it as we moved on to more interesting things (which have yet to be announced Wink)
Last week, I decided to pick it up again and add some much-needed features such as scoring and a bag algorithm (which prevents pieces from appearing too often)
Still far from finished, but at least I have something playable now!
Download link:

Source is on GitHub!

For developing, I make use of the n2DLib library by matrefeytontias, which sadly has a bug which prevents timers from working on grayscale models. This will hopefully be fixed in a next version, but till then, you can't run Tetris on a grayscale Nspire. Sorry!

Up[8]: rotate piece
Left[4]/Right[6]: move piece left/right
Down[5/2]: Drop piece
Esc: quit
Just ignore the values on the right, except the top one. They're used for debugging and I just uploaded the latest stable debug version to my Dropbox Wink

Please let me know what you think of it!
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