Doors CS v4.6.0 delta
Published by KermMartian 20 years, 1 month ago (2004-05-04T04:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

As promised, here's an update on the status of Doors CS. Much progress has been made since the last update two weeks ago. Most program running now works, major features are all operational, stability is fairly good, and optimization is fairly good. Current file support is working for the following:

BASIC programs
AShell Programs
Next-generation Doors CS ASM programs
Doors CS v5.0+ BASIC programs
SOS (without libs) programs
SOS (with libs) programs
All Ion programs

Support is planned but not yet operational for the following:

Venus ASM programs
TI-OS assembly programs

The desktop seems to work well, and scrolling is mostly operational: scrolling down is not a problem, and scrolling up does not cause a crash or memory loss, but some weird stuff does happen. Also, the delete/ rename/ copy/ (un)lock features still need work.