Doors CS 5:: To Do Before Release
Published by KermMartian 19 years ago (2005-05-25T04:00:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

I have now made a complete list of what needs to be done before Doors CS 5 is released, to wit:

[ ] 1. Battery meter issue (+ 1.17)
[ ] 2. Check arc fix for Ion (+)
[ ] 3. Check pro funcs:
[ ] 4. +(un)lock (83/+)
[ ] 5. +(un)arc (+)
[ ] 6. +del (83/+)
[ ] 7. +copy (83/+)
[ ] 8. +rename (83/+)
[ ] 9. Check Breakout disp quirk (+)
[ ] 10. Find BAM problem (+)
[ ] 11. Developer apge in manual
[ ] 12. Folders in release zip (83,83+)
[+] 13. Feature list for publicity
[ ] 14. Publicity:
[ ] 15. +TI-Fr
[ ] 16.
[ ] 17.
[ ] 18.
[ ] 19. +United TI
[ ] 20. +TIFreakWare
[ ] 21. +slashdot (maybe)
[ ] 22. +Cemetech (duh)

Doors CS Exhaustive Feature List:

Shell and GUI for TI graphing calculators
Scrolling desktop with up to six programs displayed at once
Default and imbeddable custom icons
Recognition of nearly every common shell filetype
Support for AShell, SOS libless, SOS libbed, TI-BASIC, z80 ASM, MirageOS BASIC, Ion ASM, Doors CS BASIC, Doors CS ASM, and more filetypes. Support for hidden programs, datafiles, Shell Expansions (SEs), Appended Library Extensions (ALEs), SOS libraries, and more.
HotKeys and multiple key conventions supported for maximal ease of use.
Instant desktop view and quit HotKey make switching between Doors CS and the TI-OS a snap.
Automatic recognition lets you run any file simply by clicking on its icon or name.
Modular SEs and ALEs let you add functionality and features quickly and easily.
Innovative associated program feature lets you open any registered file in the correct viewer simply by clicking on it.
Adjust screen contrast, turn off the calculator, view free RAM, and view the remaining battery power with the helpful toolbar below the desktop.
Error-trapping routines alert you of many common problems instead of letting your calculator crash.
Fast mouse-like cursor interface controlled by the arrow keys streamlines using Doors CS. Support for an external keyboard and mouse is upcoming with TICI 1.0 hardware drivers.
Small shell size leaves plently of space for programs and files.
Extensive tools, including locking and unlocking files and programs, archiving and unarchiving, copying, renaming, and deleting, all from within Doors CS.
RAM Recovery feature regains leaked RAM when a program causes Doors CS to quit unexpectedly.
UltraThreading allows up to 256 Shell Expansion threads to execute at once from the desktop for partial multitasking capabilities.