SourceCoder 2 Beta 2
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 2 months ago (2006-04-04T19:22:08+00:00)

Over the past several months, I have been working on the second generation of the wildly popular SourceCoder, SourceCoder 2. For those unfamiliar with it, SourceCoder is an online webapp that can parse a wide variety of TI graphing calculator files into human-readable format. In other words, it generates source code in HTML, ASCII, phpBBcode, and IFBBCode from programs, lists, matrices; .gifs from pictures, and composite files from groups. SourceCoder 2 builds on many of the suggestions received after SourceCoder was featured on (article), especially requests to make it a full-featured online IDE for TI-BASIC programs. SourceCoder now does that and more. When you first go to SourceCoder 2, you should notice the cleaner, more useable and feature-rich interface at your fingertips. You can upload a file, choose whether to optimize it, or choose to highlight syntax. The syntax highlighter was a feature ported from optiBASIC, while the optimizations are all created by me from several TI-BASIC optimization guides around the internet. At the bottom of the page, guests will see a message asking them to log in, while members see a My Projects section. This essentially allows people to create, edit, view, save, and modify TI-BASIC projects online without ever touching a calculator. Best of all, SC2 now includes a recompiler that can generate valid .83p and .8xp files from ascii files generated by SourceCoder. Please feel free to test it out and help me find bugs. I'll be adding help files and tooltips throughout SC2 and gradually making the virtual TI-83+ next to the file edit block workable. At the moment some of the javascripting (ie the virtual TI related code) is FF-guaranteed only, so IE users may have to type out code by hand. Also have fun with the My Projects and Exporter features. At the moment, there is only a single known serious bug, where the %optimization of optimized programs may be incorrectly reported.

SourceCoder 2 Beta 2