House of a Thousand Topics
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 1 month ago (2006-04-12T22:51:49+00:00)

After two days short of thirteen months after its inception, the Cemetech forum has garnered an amazing one thousand topics. Over this time, the topics have ranged from such estoria as random postspamming, through discussions of programming, projects, the state of the community, and encompassed items such as world news. Three hundred and twenty four users have helped contribute, adding a total of over thirty thousand posts within this time, or just shy of 40,000 since July 2004. 733,572 words have been posted, roughly the length of half a dozen medium-length novels. Help keep up the good work, and sign up today if you haven't yet! The TI community is not yet dead, as long as Cemetech is still around. Edit: 40,000 posts! We have now surpassed forty thousand posts since July 2004. Good job everyone!