Scarth v1.0 Released
Published by KermMartian 18 years, 1 month ago (2006-05-18T16:48:48+00:00) | Discuss this article

There's been a marked dearth of news lately, mainly because I just got done with all of my final exams and such. I'm now settled in to my summer classes, so I got a chance to release a BASIC game I wrote in my short breaks between studying for exams. It's a scorched earth clone, called Scarth. I was inspired after several of the forum members here offhandly griped about the lack of good games from the genre for z80 calcs. The final product is all-graphical, utilizing a total of 3 subprograms and comprising around 3k of programming. It's completely optimized, using exactly zero label/gotos in the best BASIC 1337 style. From the description:
Scarth v1.0 is a full-featured, graphical Scorched Earth clone. You and the calculator face off in tanks on randomly-generated terrain, taking turns firing missiles at one another. I made this game after several community members lamented the lack of an adequate scorched earth game for the z80 calculator series. Under 3K; includes scoring, beautiful graphics, and more! Optimized for Doors CS 5 and higher.

Scarth v1.0