DCS6 GUI: Text Input
Published by KermMartian 17 years, 9 months ago (2006-09-12T00:56:11+00:00) | Discuss this article

One of three facets of the most time-consuming part of the most original part of Doors CS 6 is now complete. The GUI routines are a complete set of objects and items intended to make the creation of attractive, cohesive GUIs easy and light on memory; one of the most complicated parts to program are the three types of text editing and entry items. Single-line text input, single-line password input, and multiline text input each have been drafted out. All three have had their rendering routines created and debugged, their mouseclick behavior programmed, and their interactive typing behavior mapped out. Each present their particular subset of quirks and bugs, but I believe I have removed all irregularities from the first of the three. The single-line text input box allows any text to be entered, including uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuations, and a wide variety of symbols, which shall be detailed in the Doors CS readme. You can move backwards and forwards with the arrows, delete, and insert characters. You can click in the textbox to insert at precisely the right point, and the text entered is available for reading by the originating program, as with all of the GUI input items. Check out the screenshot below, and stand by for completion of password input and multiline input in the next few days. I also anticipate Doors CS 5.7 Beta 3 coming soon.