Doors CS 6.1 Proposed
Published by KermMartian 17 years ago (2007-05-29T14:31:16+00:00) | Discuss this article

Mainly thanks to the nagging of folks over at United-TI and, I now definitely plan to release a Doors CS 6.1. The release will be a useability-centered upgrade aiming to incorporate many of the suggestions I have received since Doors CS 6.0 was released in April. Among the improvements planned for Doors CS 6.1:

1)-Ans-syntax-for-hidden-programs- Completed 5/28/07
2) Renaming of folders and hidden programs
3) Corrupted checkboxes in the options screen
4)-1-6-as-program-execution-shortcuts- Completed 5/28/07
5) "That ResetAppPage bug"
6)-Debugging-the-RAM-status-icon- Completed 5/28/07
7)-Redo-the-power-menu- Completed 5/29/07
8) Jumpy cursor editor
9)-DCS-Menu-rolldown-whitespace- Completed 5/28/07
10)-Folder-up-hotkey- Completed 5/28/07
11) Subprogram not rearchived for elfprince?
12) Popup info window
13) Draggable scrollbars and/or windows?

Be sure to check out the associated topic and make any suggestions that you have. Some of the stuff I've already implemented:

Notice me trigger the DCS Menu, run Pong, enter a folder, and go up from the folder, all with new hotkeys.