Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 2
Published by KermMartian 17 years ago (2007-06-06T03:37:23+00:00) | Discuss this article

Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 2 is here, only slightly more than two days since Beta 1. I believe you will all be happy with the fixes, which increase stability substantially and should solve all issues reported thus far. The complete list of new fixes and features:

» Added special [[GUIMouse]] mousemode for drawing and games. (6/6/07)
» Completed debugging of the editor feature. (6/5/07)
» With BrandonW's help, coded a chainloader for the [ON][PRGM] rawkeyhook. (6/5/07)
» Tri-lingual options screens adjusted for aesthetics; [ON][PRGM] checkbox added to all. (6/5/07)
» All APD instances repaired for proper functionality. (6/5/07)
» [2nd] now also closes the About screen in addition to the already-extant [ALPHA]. (6/5/07)
» Temporary [[Associated Programs | Associated Files ]] are now hidden from the File Open and File Save As dialogs. (6/4/07)
» Constructed proper re-AP routine for FOpen GUI routine. (6/4/07)
» Set the VFAT to clear on each RenderDesktop iteration to resolve edit and properties issues. (6/4/07)
» Restricted editing to BASIC programs. (6/4/07)
» Fixed number of items popped at SMPower close 10>>11 to resolve crash. (6/4/07)

Check out the trailer:

Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 2