Eighty Thousand Posts
Published by KermMartian 16 years, 8 months ago (2007-09-24T13:20:18+00:00)

Somehow I managed to miss this, which probably occurred two or three days ago, but Cemetech now has over 80,000 posts (currently 80,149, to be exact). This count covers the current incarnation of the Cemetech forum as well as the previous Invisionfree forum, which garnered 9,664 posts and 84 members in roughly nine months. The current forum was inaugurated on Pi Day 2005, March 14th, and has so far been active for over two years. The stats, based on the July 2004 opening day for post stats and March 2005 opening day for user and topic stats:

Total Posts: 80,149
Posts per Day: 71.05
Topics per Day: 2.98
Total Users: 650 (500+ bots deleted)
Words Posted: 2,445,070
Words per Day: 2791.18

Here's to many more tens of thousands of posts and years of activity!

Editor's Note: Because of a database loss (see article here), some statistics have been lost, specifically about 4,000 posts and associated wordcounts.