Cemetech6 Updates
Published by KermMartian 16 years ago (2008-06-09T14:01:52+00:00) | Discuss this article

I'm happy to announce that since the initial rollout of Cemetech6 ten days ago, it has undergone significant modification to make it more functional and useful. Among the additions are a completely new Photos section, a new News archives and news system upgrades, better functionality for low-resolution users, SAX updates, and complete SourceCoder 2 reskinning and assorted fixes. Here's a semi-exhaustive list of the new features and fixes:

Photos Section (//www.cemetech.net/projects/photos.php)
:: Photos can be individually added, or it can read Apache folder listings
:: Allows album creation with titles, description, and arbitrary levels of recursion
:: Generates static thumbnails for any images added from Cemetech
:: Permission control to allow just yourself, all users, or selected users to view items with album or photo granularity
:: Photos are easy to browse using keyboard arrows keys, or clicking on a photo advances to the next in the album

News Section (//www.cemetech.net/news.php)
:: Completely rewrote old news archives from scratch
:: Allows calendar view, monthly view, and full-year view
:: Upgraded news backend to use better timestamp system
:: Added permalink to all news articles

Projects Section (//www.cemetech.net/projects)
:: Added ACP features to add and edit categories
:: Added ACP features to add and edit projects
:: Added Web Apps category and several projects
:: Repaired categories table structure in database

SourceCoder 2 (http://sc.cemetech.net)
:: Skinned all four sections: Index, View, Edit, Permission
:: Fixed export bug, due to ASCII inconsistency
:: Repaired <TT> styling using upgraded CSS
:: Fixed a few bugs in the physical calculator input panel

Miscellaneous Fixes
:: SAX reports post edits once again
:: Google searches in SAX fixed
:: Horizontal scrollbar fixed for all high resolutions
:: Site made more friendly to low resolutions down to 1024x768. 800x600 and lower unsupported.
:: Repaired hourly cron to update site stats and archives stats